Research on student mental health


Our team is located at the Clinical Psychology section of the Institute of Psychology, at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Leiden University. You can reach us under and You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Team members

The core team of WARN-D consists of Dr Eiko Fried (Associate Professor & Team Leader), Carlotta Rieble (PhD student), Ricarda Proppert (PhD student), and Barbara van der Vaart (Project Coordinator).

Dr. Eiko Fried is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at Leiden University. He is interested in how to best understand, measure, model, and classify mental disorders, and works at the intersection of clinical psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology, methodology, and complexity science. He is part of several large-scale studies that conceptualize mental health problems as emergent properties that arise from complex, dynamical, biopsychosocial systems, including this 5-year WARN-D project aiming to develop an early warning system for depression. He recently received the Rising Star Award and Janet Taylor Spence Award for transformative early career contributions to psychological science. You can find his publications, lectures, blog, and other information here.

Carlotta Rieble is a PhD student in the WARN-D project. She graduated from the Research Master’s program in psychology at the University of Amsterdam after studying psychology and sociology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. Carlotta is interested in researching the person-specific dynamics of mental health and embracing the complexity of the biopsychosocial systems that give rise to mental health problems. You can find her Leiden University website here.

Ricarda Proppert

Ricarda Proppert is a PhD student in the WARN-D project. Having followed the combined Research Master in Clinical- and Health Psychology at Leiden University, she hopes to continue developing her skills as a science-practitioner. She’s fascinated by the intricate challenges psychology faces as a science: What most scientists may call random error variance, following a normal distribution with a mean of zero, might be the most insightful source of information to a clinician or an individual. In her research, she hopes to bridge that gap by studying how people’s experiences of depression are similar, as well as the extent to which they are unique. Ultimately, she hopes to find ways in which both sources of information can be utilized to inform our understanding of mental health. You can find her Leiden University website here.

Barbara van der Vaart is our project coordinator. She obtained an MSc degree in Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. For her thesis, she conducted field research in Malawi on indigenous medical practices. She also studied Child and Adolescent Psychology in Utrecht and is very interested in this particular research. Before she joined the WARN-D team, she worked as a project officer for an ERC Advanced Grant project at the Delft University of Technology. You can find her Leiden University website here.

Science is better and also more fun if practiced as a team effort, and many more people are involved in our project than just the core team. Thanks to previous and current team members for your efforts!

  • Visiting PhD students: Adam Klocek, Anna Panzeri
  • Master thesis students, internships, & research assistants 2023: Liliane Koeppel, Luka Lagunavičiūtė, Tim Elsing, Rixt Vellinga, Zuzanne du Preez, Vieve van Dijck, Paula Beyer, Fiona von Göwels, Julius Vaerst, Kai Groenhof, Natalia Azcona Granada, Justin Ryan, Kristin Schoofs, Emily Poort
  • Master thesis students, internships, & research assistants 2022: Shari Hamm, Eva Stock, Björn Siepe, Luna Hassink Tas, Myrthe Vel Tromp, Dina Galinsky, Julius März, Margarida Moreira da Silva, Vasiliki Kapetanou, Hatice Galacian, Hannah Boekestijn, Tara-Faye Steiniger, Sven Meyer, Tanner Scheltinga, Finn Ouska, Caspar Claessen, Alexandra Symeonidou, Khedy Gorissen, Cheyenne Haneveld, Alissa Röttgers, Gunnar Koehler, Elisabetta Diehl, Renée Lipka
  • Master thesis students, internships, & research assistants 2021: Joel Essen, Agnese Ferrante, Anna Karl, Nicole Bertrand, Aljoscha Rimpler, Noemi Platania

Scientific advisory board

The scientific advisory of the WARN-D project includes:

  • Wolfgang Lutz, PhD, Professor Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Trier
  • Zachary Cohen, PhD, Depression Grand Challenge, UCLA
  • Claudi Bockting, PhD, Professor Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry, AmsterdamUMC and Centre for Urban Mental Health, University of Amsterdam
  • Nicholas Jacobson, PhD, Assistant Professor Biomedical Data Science and Psychiatry, Adjunct Assistant Professor Computer Science, Dartmouth College
  • Sacha Epskamp, PhD, Assistant Professor Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam
  • Denny Borsboom, PhD, Professor Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam
  • Jeffrey Girard, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
  • Kenneth Kendler, MD, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Pim Cuijpers, PhD, Professor Clinical Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


A big thank-you to everybody who has supported the project so far, including scientific colleagues and collaborators, but also support at Leiden University and elsewhere:

  • Daniela Gawehns, Msc, PhD student at LIACS, Leiden University
  • Anne Roefs, PhD, Professor Psychology and Neuroscience of Abnormal Eating, Maastricht University
  • Evelien Snippe, PhD, University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen
  • Laura Bringmann, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen
  • Derek de Beurs, Chief Science Officer at Trimbos
  • Sascha Struijs, PhD, Assistant Professor Clinical Psychology, Healthcare Psychologist, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Leiden University
  • Fieke Schoots, PhD, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Leiden University
  • Hester Bergsma, MSc, Policy Officer Research, Leiden University
  • Raymond van Erkel, Privacy Officer, Leiden University
  • Armin Halilovic, Privacy Officer at FSW, Leiden University
  • Barry van Someren, CoffeeSprout ICT Services
  • Farina Fröde, Berlin
  • Julia Holtes, The Hague